Mac vs. PC

I'm interested in soliciting feedback from those of you out there who might be the same position as I am. This is going to be a really geeky discussion, so you sensitive types -- go away! (e.g. Amabelle, who inexplicably has Simpsons flashes in her head whenever I start talking about anything with a processor in it. :)

Anyway, I used PCs for about eight years before going to Stanford, but was forced into the Mac camp when arriving at Stanford. I fell "in love" with Macs (heh) for four years. I loved my Mac, but eventually, the frustration of not being able to run the latest software drove me insane. After working at Apple ATG during the summer of 1997 (Apple's all-time low), I merrily dumped my Powermac 8500 and bought a Dell -- and I was happy again. I could use any peripheral I wanted to use, and the entire system wouldn't freeze when I held the mouse button down. I could also play games. :)

So now, Mac OS X is out, and it's pretty slick. I've also "grown up," which for me, means that I only use my computer for text and graphics-based communication (email, web, IM) and media work (photo, video) -- no games, or any stuff like that. 99% of my computer usage is covered by only a few applications (Outlook, Photoshop, ThumbsPlus, Picture Information Extractor, DeBabelizer Pro, IE, Yahoo! Messenger, ACDSee, and Dreamweaver). Clearly, the Mac excels at media work. However, I get frustrated because I still manage to crash IE on the Mac after using it for only five minutes at a time. I seem to have a golden touch -- you know, surfing sites at will. :)

I also have a few peripherals that probably won't ever work on Macs (like synching phone numbers to my cell phone on a PC, using Outlook). Throw in Windows-centric workplaces, and I'll again be in my own little world, if I switch to a Mac. What's the point of VPN, if I can't access company file systems?

Anyway, I don't know why I'm writing all of this. Adam Nash will surely start making fun of me immediately, because I've had this PC/Mac internal struggle before (I worked at Apple with Adam). Windows just works, but I feel warm and fuzzy inside when I'm using a Mac -- assuming that it doesn't crash while I'm at the helm. :)

Oh yeah -- for those of you who are going to say that PCs crash as much as Macs do -- if you properly configure a PC and stay away from Windows 95/98/ME, it works well. I consider myself a PC expert, and my machine stays up crash-free for months at a time.

There ya go. My thoughts for today.