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Weekend full of the arts! Friday night I hung out with Elliot and his friend Sarah, and then met up with Adam Tow at Vienna's show in Mountain View. In addition to the few regulars who always seem to be in attendence, I bumped into Chris Olsten, a Stanford Ph.D guy who was on the VLDB trip to Egypt I went on with Beverly.

Last night, I went to hear Heidi play a recital at the SF Conservatory. I hadn't seen her in a long time (her old room is totally bare now. :( ), and it was really nice to see her again. Today was nice and relaxing, too (as much as it could be, given some personal issues that are causing me grief). I went to Yerba Buena Gardens with my sister to see the Stephen Petronio Dance Company perform "Strange Attractors." Apparently, it's postmodern. I don't really know what that means, but it was a very cerebral performance, and the dancers were fun to watch. I think I like modern ballet more; I like modern takes on traditional, structured forms. The audience occasionally applauded spontaneously, which made me feel like I was missing something (they must have been applauding for something obvious to the dance community). The prelude to the show was horrible, though. It was the sort of dance that seemed choreographed Just Because They Could -- a line of more-or-less stationary dancers thrashing about in a displeasing manner. *shudder*

I spent a few hours after I got home installing some monitor arms in my study. Two of my monitors are now bolted to the wall on articulating arms! It's very cool. My desk is clean, too. It makes me feel good. :)

Vienna Teng, at the Red Rock

Amabelle, in my living room