Missing painting

I'm so disappointed. I went to The Canvas today (finally) to rent/purchase the cool painting I really liked there (it's in the background in these photographs), and it was GONE! Someone purchased it yesterday, and the woman working there said three people had come in asking about it after it was gone. :( The thing is -- I went in there once after the performance to check it out, and after that I had planned to stop by (even tried to twice, but couldn't find parking easily). I almost never see paintings I really like, and I missed the opportunity to grab this one. My sister suggested that I try to contact the artist directly to see some more of his work.

My sleeping schedule is totally whacked. I was awake from 3am-6am yesterday, and am still up at the same time today (partially because Geoff and (Livia came over to watch the Superbowl, time-delayed seven hours by my trusty Tivo. :) Geoff had rehearsal and a concert during the game. It must suck to miss a game, if you're a crazy football fan like he is. I probably wouldn't have watched the game if he hadn't asked me to record it. I'm GLAD I got to see it, though. It was a good game. :)