I'm tired. I went climbing today with Brian Babcock, and I only made it to the top of one climb. Climbs that had been easy last week were impossible today. I guess it is accurately reflecting my state. Lonely, lonely, lonely. Sometimes I wonder what impression this site leaves on unsuspecting readers. Life's not perfect. I just choose to show only the good (and mostly superficial) stuff.

I had dim sum brunch at Koi Palace with Geoff, Livia, and Stevie yesterday. Eating out with Geoff is always an adventure. :)

I guess I don't have much to say. I've been an archiving freak and have been moving my backups from CD-R to DVD-R. It takes forever to burn a DVD-R, and 15% of my burns have been failing for no apparent reason. Stupid DVD-Rs. A failed one is a $3-8 coaster. I bought $3 DVD-R media, but it fails much more often than the more expensive stuff. I guess you get what you pay for.

I went to see Brotherhood of the Wolf yesterday, with Emile. I spent the first three quarters of the movie wondering what it was about. The rest of the time, I was waiting for it to end. What a shitty movie.

My car is in the shop. I'm stranded at home.

Goeff and Livia, at Koi Palace

Geoff, Livia, and Stevie

Finally, check out this photo I scanned from Discover's 2/2002 issue:

Examine these images closely. Now flip the magazine upside down (turn your head upside down).

Highlight the invisible text below to read more. (after you look at it upside down):

Surprised? Chances are you didn't realize at first that the facial expressions of the woman are very different in the two photographs. That's because your brain is accustomed to placing upright eyes and mouths onto upright faces, and it gets confused when asked to build faces upside down.