Dorm Recital

I played in a dorm concert tonight at Lagunita, on Stanford campus. Barry asked me to play, and I had lots of fun, despite being forced to play Pachebel's Canon, which has the Most Boring Cello Part in the World. I didn't know what was going to be performed until just before the little concert. Good thing we had some time to look at the parts before performing. :)

Afterwards, I had a drink with Barry at the Coffee House, on campus. While walking from Lag to Tresidder, I realized that being an undergraduate on Stanford campus is like being in paradise. Granted, you have to pay roughly $130/day to be there (tuition + board was just hiked to $35,000/yr recently), but there really is nothing like it. I don't think most students appreciate it until after they have graduated.

Getting out of my house and playing music cheered me up.

Other students still think I'm a student. I guess that's a good thing. It's hard to tell how old Asian people are, huh? :)

Thanks to Oliver for coming up and hanging out with me. He, Livia and I ate at "Sunflower", in the Mission. I love that restaurant.

My car is having problems that the dealership can't fix yet. The rear differential is protesting when it slips, and they're trying to find an additive that can make it happy again. I guess I should be pissed for paying so much money and then being afraid to make sharp turns at parking lot speeds, but... there's nothing I can do except wait for them to find a solution. The dealership in SF was very nice -- I had expected the people to be assholes like they are at other dealerships. As I walked out to get my car, three people wished me a good day. Maybe the downturn in the economy is having a good effect! They can't afford to be mean to customers anymore. :)

And finally, a funny link, to make you smile. Well, it made me laugh. Maybe it won't have the same effect on you. :)

I need to reply to personal email. Sorry, guys. I'm... in a strange mood these days. I appear to be social, because I'm still hanging out with people (and am hosting tomorrow, even), but I still feel antisocial. Strange.

Whoah. Check out this video of a dude driving an SMG II M3. I wish these had been out 6 months ago! Read more about it here.

** Update **
It's 7:30am. The jackhammers have started again. I can't believe I have to adapt my sleeping schedule to PG&E, and the city. Sleeping at 4am and being jolted awake at 7:30 sucks.