Berkely, IQ test

After being jolted awake at 7am by circumstance accompanied by the lovely singing of jackhammers, I spent lunch at UC Berkeley with my sister and her funky friend Shiloh, eating at the faculty club with some Berkeley public relations folk and professors. It was a celebration lunch for the Dorothea Lange Fellowship, which Wendy won this year. Her photos will be up uh... somewhere in a gallery on Berkeley campus, so go check 'em out, if you can find them. :) Anyway, it was interesting. The people at the table were old school photographers and museum curator types, and some of them were really funny. Go, Berkeley. :)

I just took The Spark's new IQ test, which isn't a joke, like the last one was (they received some pretty funny hate mail for that last IQ test, by the way. Justin forwarded some of it to me. har har har). Anyway, the test was actually pretty hard! My brain felt like it did when I took the analytical section of the GRE. Of course, I was much quicker back then, before a few years of coding and designing enterprise software dumped starch into my head. Or, maybe I'm just older now. I've already started the slow descent down the ranks of standardized test percentile ratings. *sigh*

I want Peter to take the test. I'll bet he gets over 200. I'll bet you he cheats, too, like he did on my friendtest. Just kidding. :) He seems to still be very sharp. :)

I still feel really unhealthy.

Also, this woman wrote me about Bengal cats, and then (I think, accidentally) included me in the forward to her son, after I wrote her back. Check it out:

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Interesting - I had e-mailed this guy a long time ago cuz he had TWO Bengals and had lots of pix of them. I figures he was gay because his apartment was so clean and he had a grand piano! Anyway - check out his response!


Gay, huh? That's not the look I'm going for, but... I guess it's a compliment? :)