Aqua, MusicPad, Mindjet

Look! Now they're right outside my place. Exciting, huh? And, it seems that they've decided that 7am is too late to start, so they've started working at 6:30am. I bought some earplugs a few days ago, and it's helped the problem a little bit.

I went to Aqua with Amabelle and had the chef's special tasting menu. It was really, really yummy. The staff wished us a happy new year a couple of times, which was nice.

Barry sent me a link to a product called the MusicPad, which is a LCD tablet-based music management/display system. I had always wanted to build one of these in the past. It looks really cool, and it's being demonstrated at Stanford tomorrow in the music building faculty lounge. When touchscreen LCDs come down in price, these things will become more popular, I'm sure. You can annotate directly on the tablet! I wonder if it will be... usable for musicians trained on paper music.

I use a Windows stickies program called DKNotes to keep track of my current list of errands and stuff like that. I recently found this cool program called "MindManager," by Mindjet. It lets me create mind maps, which are perfect for the way I like to organize my current pressing thoughts. I'm switching to it to put all my current ideas onto "paper." Very exciting. :)