San Diego

San Diego is so nice! So warm and sunny here (despite the morning clouds and afternoon haze). I fell asleep last night at around 2:30am, Super Shuttle showed up at 6:50am, and I was through the security line at SFO by 7:50am, free to waste two hours waiting for my 9:50am flight time. Some woman decided to bring sharp scissors in her bag. I don't know what she was thinking. There's no way those would have made it through security. Wendy said she managed to convince the security folk not to confiscate her angled tweezers, which is pretty impressive. Amabelle has had two of them confiscated so far, and their obscene price of $15-22 each makes it hurt. I have totally unreliable 802.11b access from my room here, and when it does work, DirectTV DSL sometimes craps out. I installed the Linksys access point in my parents' room, which is at one end of the house, and there are more than three walls between me and it. Oh well. I probably shouldn't be wasting my time online while I'm down here, anyway. I'm also writing like I'm in elementary school. Eric is in San Diego. Eric likes San Diego. See Eric, in San Diego. My brain feels like it has shut down.

I went out to see Amelie with my family tonight. It's one of the cutest movies I've seen! Very enjoyable. :) Before that, we went shopping in Fashion Valley (I just walked around, really), and went to see my Dad's 228-dedicated "Night Blooming Cereus" photo exhibit at the Taiwanese-American Community Center (not to be confused with the "Chinese-American" Community Center, if there is one. heh... :)

Mom, in the car


Nice, shiny silver (colored) cookware

Dad and Wendy, at my Dad's night blooming cereus exhibit at the Taiwanese-American Culture Center