Gamble House, Mom

Here are some photos I've been too lazy to post, from San Diego. My family and I went to the Gamble House in Pasadena to check out cool Arts and Crafts movement architecture. I hadn't been in that area since I visited Kenny, when he was still at USC Med School.

My Mom made a feature story about the biotech industry, in Taiwan's Business Weekly Magazine No. 99, 2/11/02-2/24/02. If any of you in Taiwan happen to have a copy, can you send one to me? It's the article that talks about Pacific Biotech and Wyntek Diagnostics. My mom is quite a business woman. :) Her name was listed incorrectly, though. Too bad.

Lots on my mind lately. I wonder if I should share publicly. I guess it would be uncharacteristic if I did, huh? :)

Gamble House, Pasadena CA

Arts and Crafts style evident

Wendy, outside Gamble House

Wendy, pointing out her name inside a SparkNote @ Barnes & Noble

Oh yeah! SparkNotes displayes are at many Barnes & Noble stores now. It's neat to see how far they've come. Wendy is listed in a bunch of them, too. Go, sis'. :)