Mike Stern Band

I just got back from seeing the Mike Stern Band at Yoshi's (thanks for planning, Amabelle!). Both Amabelle and I are being dorks and are busy at our respective computers, updating web sites. :) Anyway, the band was AMAZING, but not really for the band itself, nor for Stern's music. They were amazing because the individual performers were amazing, and when they started improvising together (after the cheesy easy listening jazz parts of the songs ended)... everyone's jaws were on the floor. Victor Wooten is the best bass guitarist I've ever seen, and Dennis Chambers is by far the best drummer I have ever seen. Chambers' sense of rhythm is uncanny (Livia said, "I'm a little scared" after hearing him :), and he plays with a very-cool understated brilliance, chewing his gum and blowing bubbles calmly while his arms and legs move too quickly to see. I had never been to Yoshi's before. The food was pretty good, too. Altogether a wonderful evening. :)

Here's some info on the band:

Mike Stern Band
Featuring Dennis Chambers & Victor Wooten & Bob Franceschini

44th Annual Grammy Awards Nomination
Mike Stern - Voices (Atlantic)

"Stern is one one of the true guitar greats of his generation."
Guitar World

Guitarist Mike Stern returns to Yoshi's with a special group that includes the monster drummer Dennis Chambers and master bassist Victor Wooten, a member of the Grammy-award winning Béla Fleck and the Flecktones, and reed player Bob Franceschini. Poll-winning guitarist Mike Stern has established himself as one of the most innovative guitarists in jazz with his trademark "bop & roll" style. His forceful blues-inflected lines and blazing speed over jazz changes have served as a secret weapon for Blood, Sweat & Tears, Billy Cobham, Jaco Pastorious, David Sanborn, Steps Ahead and The Brecker Brothers. Stern has distinguished himself as a player of uncommon sensitivity and lyricism best exemplified by his tenth and latest Atlantic CD, Voices. Stern is a master at celebrating funk and blues traditions in a contemporary jazz context. This is a very special and powerful group not to be missed!


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Geoff and Livia

Amabelle, at Yoshi's

Mike Stern and Victor Wooten's head

Mike Stern Band

Mike Stern and Victor Wooten

Felicia, and her small hands