HDTV sucks

HDTV. What's the point? Peter was raving about watching the Olympics in HDTV, which I'm sure was very impressive... so I picked up an RCA DTC100 HDTV unit to finally take advantage of my HDTV-capable TV. I actually have felt just the slightest bit of guilt for owning a 1080i capable TV, without ever having seen a 1080i signal on it. :) Anyway, after hooking it up... I'm not very impressed. The picture is shifted to the right on my screen about 2" (HDTV signals from an XBox work fine, so I'm assuming that it's this specific RCA unit's problem), and it turns out that the only worthwhile "local" air broadcast HD signals are being broadcast on channel 61 out of Fresno, which I can't get. So... having HDTV decoding capabilities in San Francisco just isn't that exciting, except that PBS occasionally broadcasts HD demos. I just wanted to watch "The Practice" in HD! heh. too bad. :( At least I can return the unit. Maybe I can try HDTV again in a couple of years.

Also, having a TiVO makes it impossible to try to catch shows on at their normal broadcast time. Someone asked me the other day, "What time is [The Family Guy] on?" I replied: "oh. I have no idea!" :)

Two links to share:

- a great kerpal link that Peter sent me
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