Vienna/Modern Dance

I went with Wendy to see the Dancing Sun Foundation's "Lullaby for a Stormy Night," a Taiwanese modern dance production featuring some of Vienna's music. I have been to a few modern dance productions in the past, and to be honest, I don't understand it. Some of the shows I've been to have featured dances that I really liked, but I'm totally at a loss whenever someone asks me what I liked about them. Tonight, I didn't like the choreography (I don't know why, but some of it made me laugh), and the dancers weren't of the caliber that would leave one speechless over perfection of form. However, it was interesting, and it looked like it would have been fun to see one's music adapted for something other than it was originally intended for.

Sometimes I imagine that I'm nearsighted (uncorrected) while watching dancers. I cross my eyes a little bit to create a slight blur, so I can focus on form and movements without being distracted by the pattern-clutter of standard human features. I also like to sit high up in balcony seats. Tonight, I wished that I was sitting further away (a LOT further away), and I wished that I was nearsighted. I guess I also wish the choreography did something for me.

I guess I don't understand modern dance, because... well, the genre doesn't even seem to be consistent within itself. For example, today's program included a guide to modern dance, which included suggestions like, "Try to suspend judgment about the meaning of the dance" and "Don't ask us what it means; tell us what you saw." At the same time, I've seen shows dedicated to a particular meaning -- explicitly outlined in the program, and tonight, Vienna talked (on behalf of the choreographer?) about the meaning of one of the dances. Perhaps I'm confusing "meaning" with "inspiration."

You know, I drive down to Stanford (and further south) all the time. After the show, Wendy and I stopped by Nash's place to pick up my now-fixed drapes and to chat with him and Carolyn. I've found that while I visit the peninsula all the time to see my friends, most of them almost never make the time to drive up to San Francisco. It's not true of everyone, but it's a pattern I've noticed. In fact, when I lived in Mountain View, I rarely made it up to San Francisco because it was "so far away," or something like that. Funny that it doesn't seem so far now that I live here.

I've been buying lately. I've been consuming mass quantities of capitalist trinkets. It sucks. I need more to occupy my time with. Oh yes -- Joechang was in town last weekend. His visit reminded me that good friends should be kept, even with 3000 miles of separation.

Also, I cooked my first real "full" meal last night for Amabelle, using a recipe book on Taiwanese cooking that my mother gave me. It was actually pretty good! I impressed even myself -- I wish I could have captured the look on my face when I tasted the chicken from the cooking container. :) Photos -->

Joechang, at Sheldon Hobbies

Amabelle, making cookies

FLowers Amabelle bought me. :)