Jeremy's Bon Voyage Gathering

Jeremy Henrickson is going off on some crazy travels in the next few months (biking tour of Vietnam!), and had a little get-together at his place to uh... celebrate. It's a very small world! Many of the attendees seemed to know other people there through non-Jeremy channels. After eating the fruits of Jeremy's culinary talents, we hung out and listened to a few people tinkle around on the piano.

Other exciting news: I climbed my very first 5.10b at the gym today, and I made it up the big wall for the first time just a few days ago! I'm very proud. :) Unfortunately, the 5.10b wrestled some skin off of my elbow and knees before allowing my conquest of it. The area around Mission Cliffs can be kind of sketchy. Last week I parked inches away from two clumps of human feces, two used condoms, and an automobile differential.

What else is new? While cooking last week, I realized that cutting raw chicken with a dull knife is all but impossible. I let it slide. But today, I happened to be browsing the American Express rewards program redemption items, and picked up a nice 9-piece Henckels knife set, which should arrive in 4-6 weeks (strange to have such long processing times in the web age, huh? 4-6 weeks is more like old-school mail order shipping times.) I wanted the all-steel one, which would have matched my kitchen (and personality) perfectly, but it wasn't offered on the list. It also costs twice as much. :) Enough writing for today.

Also, there are some pics on Adam's website. My photos -->

Heidi Hau, back from Ireland

Jeremy and Sophie

Heidi Kim

Adam Tow, Issac Roth, and Sophie

Issac, me, and Adam

Adam Nash, John and Kathy Lilly

Joel Brown, Rae, and Joel's physics friend

Adam, Mauria, and Martha

Mauria, Joel, Joel's friend


Jeremy, with a guy who thought my name was "John," and two girls I didn't meet

Adam Tow, in action

Katherine, with exposed tongue

Katherine and Toli

Nikon 885 fun


Making bread

Mike Hanson and Anne

Jeremy, telling stories

The cool conductor dude I bought for Jeremy

Jeremy and Crystal Chang

Mike and Anne

Jeremy and... Chris? reading duets

Elise, singing opera

Elise, singing opera


Vienna, singing "Eric's Song" (not me)

Amabelley, dressed for Drink Club