Brahms, take two

I played Brahms c minor piano quartet tonight for Prof. Mardt's evening lecture series (with Livia Sohn, Barry Shiffman, and Fred Weldy), and it reminded me that I cannot let music disappear from my life. It would be so easy to do so; lately, performances have been spaced further and further apart, and I go for long periods of time without practicing.

It really is a privilege to be given another opportunity to play with such great musicians. :)

Afterwards. we met up with Geoff and Robin for a bite to eat at Straits Cafe, in Palo Alto. The food there is very good.

My D30 is off to Germany to mate with an underwater housing, so picture quality may suffer in the coming weeks. I hope I get it back in time for my next trip. Otherwise, underwater photography may be difficult. :)