Adam Tow organized the second meeting of the Canon Owners of the Bay Area (COBA) user group tonight, which was exciting because the local Canon rep. brought a production Canon D60 SLR to play with. There were also some beautiful LightJet prints of Canon 1D images, printed from Pictopia. Two of them were of motorcycle racers at Laguna Seca (the track's principal photographer was at the meeting), which reproduced almost identically, despite one having been upsampled with Genuine Fractals (the other having been submitted raw).

I would like to get a decent portfolio up on One exists now, but it's just a few random photos I decided to throw up. Most of the "good" ones that I'd probably want to showcase are scattered among thousands of other images here. They're nearly impossible to find. :)

Four dozen digital SLR-toting software engineers can be quite an exhausting group to spend the evening with. I kept mostly to myself, chatting with two interesting non-techies whom I happened to be sitting next to. I also finally met Michael, a fellow online-journaler, and one of Amabelle's friends recognized me, but he never introduced himself.

I have to take my car in AGAIN tomorrow to have the rear differential looked at. I really hope they fix it this time. Also (I'm cheating and adding this link a day later), you might want to check out Attorney General John Ashcroft singing his very own "Let the Eagle Soar" at North Carolina seminary. It's very funny. :)