Cleaning, Eating, Diving, Pool

I went on a crazy cleaning and organizing spree yesterday. I cleaned out my closet, remounted a fallen coat rack (those stupid drywall anchors never work!), broke down some boxes, did the dishes... and did some random organizing of my belongings. If I don't keep things in my life (both physical and virtual) organized, I start to go crazy.

I've been consuming large quantities of food lately, and even though I've managed to get to the gym just about every other day, I still often feel bloated. Aren't I supposed to be feeling trim and fit with this much exercise? I should probably cut down my food intake. But... food is so good! I can't stop. for example, I went out to dinner tonight with Elliot, Mandy, and Mandy's father, and I was the only one to finish my entire meal. I guess I'm used to hanging out with Amabelle, Geoff, and Livia, who seem to live for eating. I guess it's not a bad thing to really like, though. It must be hard to not have any friends who are adventurous eaters. :)

What is this entry about? I have no idea. I've been getting ready for my upcoming Kona trip, where I'll be out hanging with Jim Watt, photographing whales and stuff. Kenny is going to show up for part of the trip, too, sacrificing his precious yearly week off to go on vacation with me. He's a great dive buddy for a photographer, and I enjoyed diving Palau with him a lot.

Some good job leads this week, too. I'm sick of the random consulting thing, and want to be a part of something new again.

Some pics are below from the past couple of days. You know, I've been shooting with the Canon G2 since my D30 was shipped off, and I have found it to be totally suitable for daily snapshots. I think it may even end up being my "normal" camera that I most often have with me. It's been refreshing to not always have a huge, expensive, heavy SLR body and lens hanging off of my shoulder, and people don't react strangely when I use it to photograph them. Also (sort of related), I saw Sony's new MicroMV camcorder at Circuit City today. That thing is SMALL (4.1 x 1.9 x 3.1"). It's slighly larger than a deck of cards. If it turns out that you can easily edit MiniDV and MicroMV video together, it might be a great toy to have.

Amabelle, at R&G Lounge

Geoff and Livia

Mr. Knox, Elliot, Mandy


Elliot, pretending to be Amabelle

Amabelle, at Chalkers

Lawrence, shooting

Amabelle, shooting