Knives, Lang Lang, Nash

Linens 'n Things is a crappy store. I went to one yesterday (50 miles away!) to try to redeem my Amex certificate for a 9 piece knife set, but it turns out that they don't carry the 9 piece set. Even if they had carried it, I wouldn't have been able to redeem the certificate because someone lost the key to get into the knife case. How can a store be run like that? We (Amabelle and me) also went to Fry's Sunnyvale, where we elbowed our way through the hordes of people wandering around until we couldn't handle it anymore. Remind me not to go there on weekends.

Most of the day's crappiness went away in the evening, when we went to Herbst Theater to see Lang Lang perform. He is AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING. He gave the most enjoyable piano performance I've ever seen, and the best concert I've seen this season. The only thing that sucked about the performance was a rogue cell phone that went off unrestrained and a totally clueless woman who was sitting next to me. She decided that she wanted to rustle through her purse (she used the zipper, too!) and jacket continuously... during the most delicate moments of Haydn, and throughout the rest of the performance. Argh. We were also unable to see Lang Lang's hands, since we were on the right side of the hall, but he looked like he was having so much fun playing that it was great anyway.

They played Brahms Sextet again at the gym today. Two guys said something to the effect of, "this music sucks! it's making me depressed." Uncultured swine! Just kidding. :)

It's been cold here lately. On the way down to Sunnyvale today I snapped some photos of the small mountain range Mt. Hamilton is in. Snow! Also, here are some pics of me at Adam Nash's place today:

Carolyn and Me

Adam, taking down the cable modem connection by trying to fix his printer