Shipping woes

Why can't shipping service counters be properly synch'ed with their respective online services? I walked into UPS last week with a package destined for Germany. It was pre-paid, with a label printed via, but it still took me twenty minutes of counter time to get out of there because the guy had no idea what to do with it. And, even more frustrating... I've recently been pre-printing USPS Priority Mail shipping labels because you get electronic delivery confirmation for free. Unfortunately, this means that I have to haggle with the counter people every time I mail something, because they don't know what services are available online. The last time, the woman at the counter even taped over the barcode because I refused to pay extra for my "free" delivery confirmation. *sigh*

Elliot sent me a link to this XBox ad. Media people are weird. Here's something else that might make you laugh (or hurl).