Abercrombie's racist shirts

Check this out. Abercrombie released a new "Asian" line of t-shirts. "Two Wongs can make it white." WTF?? There's going to a lot of publicity about this in the coming few days. Also, from Travis, on RBJ:
Latest update on organized action against A&F:

A protest rally will take place tomorrow (Thursday) at 5pm, in front of the A&F store in San Francisco., Powell & Market Streets.

This is being organized along with students from Berkeley and Stanford. This is a full-fledged protest with bullhorns, signs, etc. If you can meet ahead of time, show up at the Chinatown Community Development Center at 1525 Grant Street earlier in the day to help make signs. For info, call (415) 984-1477


- SF Chronicle Front Page: ABERCROMBIE & GLITCH - Asian Americans rip retailer for stereotypes on T-shirts

- SF Gate: Abercrombie & Fitch pulls Asian caricature T-shirts - "We're very, very, very sorry," Carney said. "It's never been our intention to offend anyone."

- Reuters Business: Abercrombie pulls T-shirts after Asian-American protest - "These graphic T-shirts were designed with the sole purpose of adding humor and levity to our fashion line. Since some customers have been offended by their content, we are pulling these shirts from our stores.''