Washington D.C.

Schrep's getting married on Sunday! I left my house at 5pm yesterday to catch a red-eye to Washington Dulles from Oakland. It was brutal. :( At 8am this morning, I rolled bleary-eyed into our hotel in my fancy rented Camry, and shortly after, succumbed to fatigue and passed out on the bed for three hours. I was jolted awake at some point in the day by a phone call from Carolyn. It's funny how hotel rooms can be like casinos, completely masking the time of day with their opaque curtains.

We spent the day being tourists, which was a lot of fun. There is SO much to see here, and I definitely need to come back here sometime to be able to take it all in properly.

Wendy, reading

Schrep and Erin, in the D.C. subway

Clearly, Imperial architecture. :)

At a tapas place. As usual, I'm nowhere to be seen.

Professional tourists

Dinosaurs, at the Museum of Natural History

Dinosaurs, at the Museum of Natural History

The strangest looking quartz I've ever seen

The Vietnam Memorial

Canonical Vietnam Memorial shot

Adam, taking another canonical shot


The Korean War Memorial

The Korean War Memorial

Adam, at the Washington Monument. Nick asked him to turn around, but he wouldn't. :)

Continuous joyrides from the White House. I wonder who was visiting?