Baltimore, MD

I awoke in darkness again, only this time it was noon by the time I crawled out of bed. The only thing good about this schedule is that I won't have to adjust to PDT when I return to San Francisco. :) After hanging out with Adam Nash in the gym for awhile, I drove to Baltimore to visit Jenny, who just started rotations as a medical student at Johns Hopkins. She took me on a short tour of the hospital, and we spent the rest of the late afternoon wandering around the inner harbor. It's strange: I've not spent much time in this area of the East Coast, but you can really see why so many people view racial issues as being black or white. Ethnic diversity is very polarized here. Anyway, it was great to catch up with Jenny. Both she and Dan will be back out in the Bay Area around Stanford graduation, which will be very nice.

When I finally returned to Virginia, Joechang and Rachel had arrived from New York, and were driving around in circles trying to find a restaurant with the GPS that Joe relies on to get everywhere. A nice Thai woman pointed us to a Chinese place that is open until midnight.

I'm tired. Good night!

The Jesus statue at Johns Hopkins

Jenny, by Jesus

Where `rounds` were coined

At the Wilmer Eye Institute

A neat hall, at the hospital

Jenny, the basement, and scrubs


Front entrance

A strange market (in a normal-looking building)

Fully commercialized old buildings

Jenny, at Victor's Cafe (i think)

The Inner Harbor (aquarium in the distance)

Jenny, in her apartment

Jenny and me

Joechang and Rachel, at a late-night Chinese restaurant