SD Shark Diving and Mother's Day

May 12: On Saturday, Dave Fleetham, Andy Sallmon and I met up at 8:15am in Mission Bay to go shark diving with SD Shark Diving. It was actually a beautiful day, but fate railed hard against us. After cruising out ten miles and chumming for hours and hours, a single 4-5 ft blue shark appeared, swam around for a few minutes, and then fled the scene. No more sharks appeared. We did see some seals, sea lions, a large squadron of seagulls, a siphonophore, and a pod of Risso's dolphins (with bottlenose dolphins mixed in). Apparently, Risso's are very rare, so all of the people in the know were excited. Doc doned his chainmail suit at around 4pm and descended to the shark cage to wave around bait aimlessly at the dirty blue (visibility was 15'-30'), but he was unable to bring in any more sharks. The swell battered the boat, and almost everyone on board threw up at least once. I had just downed twelve ounces of Hawaiian Punch; I think I won the strangest-looking-hurl award that day. :) After hearing stories of Mako sharks ramming people during the entire boat ride out, I was rather disappointed. Maybe next time. For Mother's Day we partook in a 3-hour brunch at a nice hotel in Del Mar. Del Mar is so beautiful. The food was pretty good, but my taste buds have been revolting lately as my body tries to fight off a nasty flu. The clientele in the fancy part of Del Mar was uppity and homogenous, as usual. There were many older women who seem to have perfected the art of painting on their faces with layers and layers of make-up. It doesn't work, by the way. Graceful aging is much more classy.

I'm now sitting at the San Diego airport waiting for yet another delayed flight on Southwest. Are these airplanes ever on time?? I think not.