Guess what that is? I finally was able to get my machine to boot (after securing the hard disk support with some 6/32 stove bolts and zip ties) by poking around randomly inside (I'm still not sure why it decided to start up). The display showed this lovely masterpiece, which I took a picture of. It appears that either my fancy GeForce4 is busted (it *is* warped from the hard disks slamming into it, and sits fairly loosely in the AGP slot), or the AGP slot itself is fried. I'm going to buy a cheapie one tomorrow and do some tests. What a lovely way to spend a weekend. UPS will PAY!

We (Joe, Rachel, her friend, Pat, ex-Trilogy dude Michael, and his two friends) went wandering around Chinatown today, and ate at a dim sum place at 18 E. Broadway. I forgot what it was called. It was pretty good, but it wasn't as good as Koi Palace. The chang fun (however you romanize it) was all shriveled up, and we were forced to eat beef ones because they were initially out of shrimp ones. I haven't had any food here that is better than the food I usually have in San Francisco, but I'm sure I'll run into some pretty soon. :) I also bought a $29.97 computer desk at some huge discount store. I threw it into the back of a taxi to get it back to my place. Still need a chair, though. I'm sitting on an upside-down monitor box. :)

Rachel and her friend Cici (sp?)

Ex-Trilogy dude Michael, and his two friends

Cafe where what's her name talks with Spiderman in the street