Tony's Graduation, Adam Nash

I went out for some great Chinese food at Congee Village (on the outskirts of Chinatown) last night to celebrate Tony's law school graduation with his family/friends. Had a good time -- it felt like the good ol' days, where parents talk about you like you aren't there. In this case, Tony's parents were my surrogate parents; they've known me for a long time. :) After work today, I met up with Joe, Rachel, and Adam and Carolyn, who are in town for a few days to attend a wedding. We ended up having some good food and then going to Tangerine (10th and Bleaker) for a drink. Actually, we met at the Yale Club, near Grand Central. What a stuffy place. They have a dress code and stuff.

I'm up late doing laundry, and am fairly incoherent at the moment. Here are some pics.