Chin up!

Tough weekend.

I'm back in New York now after shelling out an exhorbitant amount of money to be home for Memorial Day weekend. Getting tickets for this weekend -- if not planned well before -- can be painful.

I'm incredulous at New Yorks' ability to assault the senses. I arrived here at 6am and hopped into a cab. I walked through a plume of unidentifiable, acrid white smoke billowing out of a building to my left on my way to work. The human feces smell also seems to be getting worse as it warms up. I hear it's really bad in July.

I'll have some pictures to post soon. I took a few this weekend, but was generally uninspired to raise the camera to my face. I have to stay optimistic, too. Otherwise... what's the point?

Oh! This is cool. While I was here in NY, Livia dropped off Osvaldo Golijov and the St. Lawrence String Quartet's latest CD, "Yiddishbbuk," which features two of my photographs. The background photo in the CD book's two-page inner-front and inner-back cover are both mine. :)