World Trade Center

WTC Memorial Wall (Broadway) After work yesterday I met up with Pat to check out the World Trade Center site. There's really not much to see anymore, except for the memorials and chaos immediately surrounding it. The wall around the church across the street from the site (on Broadway) is covered with memorials, including photographs of some of the victims. You can still feel the positive vibes towards law policement and firemen down here, although apparently it has diminished a lot since September (for example, no one applauds when they see them anymore). There's almost literally an officer on every corner.

Pat called up Jean, who works just across the site on the 22nd floor, and she graciously gave us a tour of her workspace and bought us fruit smoothies from the cafeteria on the ground floor. Large institutionalized work environments scare me, but they can have amazing views. :)

In the evening, we met up with Joe to get a bite to eat at a local Italian place (local to his place). The host was really touchy (physically, I mean) and greeted us in Italian. The food was good; mine even had some extra flavor bestowed upon it from air-conditioning unit drippage. :)