Isaac and Tiffany

The subway ride from the financial district up to 110th St. during rush hour took 50 minutes. It's amazingly uncomfortable being crammed in a subway car shouulder to shoulder with people, carrying a big camera bag. Mexican food up at 103rd St. with Isaac, Kris, Ian, and Tiffany:

I paid for it this morning at 5am, curled up in fetal position (in pain) on my little mattress on the floor. That's what I get for eating Mexican food in New York, I guess. :) I miss the days when I could play chamber music for hours every day. Being with Isaac and Tiffany reminded me of those days. Oh - Tiffany emailed me two old photos of Geoff and Barry when the SLSQ was the resident grad group at Juilliard. She found them in a drawer somewhere in the Juilliard administrative offices. They're very funny. :)