Dulce, Korean food, B&H

Amabelle and I spent the weekend wandering around New York (and surrounding area). On Saturday, we accompanied Joe and Rachel to Woodbury Commons, which is larger than the largest outlet mall I could have imagined to exist. Joe and I were unfortunate enough to order Dulce de Leche sundaes at H�agen Daz. Ugh. It seemed like a good idea until I started trying to eat mine. Liquidy-sweet death. I used my spoon to shovel out as much of the "dulce" caramel as I could into the closest trash can, but it was difficult because the trash can's opening was on the side instead of on top. On Saturday night we all went out to eat at a Korean restaurant called "Cho Dang Gol," were Amabelle's friend Ben told us a story about the half-japanese cellist chick that some Weezer song is about. Apparently Ben was the only one who witnessed the conversation between the Weezer dude and the girl (at Harvard), where he (the Weezer dude) asked her out to a Green Day concert. Of course, I have no idea what song he is talking about, since I'm no Weezer fan, but other people say it exists. :)

This entry is a little rambly, because it's late, and I want to go to sleep. I feel like I should get these photos posted, though. Oh -- I finally went to B&H Photo today. I was excited to find 77mm Canon lens caps (I lost one out of the window of a helicopter while in Bora Bora last year), because no one else seems to carry them. Third party lens caps suck, and are generally near impossible to manipulate with a lens hood on. Anyway, B&H Photo is really well organized; all of the merchandise magically appears at the checkout counters via elevated conveyor belts, and their in-store customer database is integrated with their online one (I gave them my phone number, and they greeted me by name).

I'm too tired to write any more.