IR, The Bat

Here's an old photo I took on August 11, 1999. I was really into digital infrared photography back then, because it worked really well with the early 2.1 megapixel cameras (like the Nikon Coolpix 950). They were my first published images (all sorts of digicam magazines picked them up), besides a shot of the "Lusty Lady" in Seattle that got published in PC Magazine right around the time Windows 95 came out. Their bright white sign said, "Try OUR Windows 95!" Nerd humor is great.

I decided today to stop using Microsoft Outlook as my email program. It's a horribly-bloated dog when working with data files that are over 500MB (like mine has grown to be). I've even gone through and pruned all of the big attachments out of my old email to try to save space, but its performance -- and the frequent crashing on my dual-processor machine -- finally drove me over the edge this week.

I'm trying out The Bat!, which so far seems to be very fast and functional -- at the cost of a fancy UI, of course. I have a good feeling about it. :) Anyone have suggestions for Windows-based PIMs? I also have a feeling that I'll still be using Outlook for Contacts/Calendar/Notes, however, because I downloaded some highly-acclaimed, award-winning PIMs today, and they all really sucked.

*UPDATE* - It turns out that The Bat! sucks, too. Keyboard shortcuts stopped working after awhile (not that you could figure them out, anyway -- they're fairly counter-intuitive), and the program refused to exit, stating that processes were still active (and opening a new window every few seconds to tell me that). I'd guess that if I had started using The Bat! without importing tens of thousands of email messages, it might have worked as advertised. I guess I could try Eudora as well. I used to use Eudora on a Mac back in college, it was still fairly barbaric on the PC when I ditched the Mac in 1997. I remember really liking that you could manually filter each message after reading it, with a single keystroke.