Victor, Joe, Tony, Queens

Victor's Secret! I finally met up with Victor Wishna last night at around 8:30pm for dinner at Republic -- a noodle bar knock-off of a well known place in London. While playing phone tag with Rachel, we sauntered slowly from Union Square up to Time Square, taking advantage of the time to catch up and to take random night photos.

Joe and I wandered around Queens today and ate at Joe's Shanghai out in Flushing (...which turned out to be better than the one in Chinatown; maybe I was more hungry this time, or... maybe my expectations were just more realistic...?) I ate 12 of them. :) After that, we drove to a random stadium parking lot where Joe happened to run into some old RC-racing buddies of his. I still think it's a strange crowd. Where else can young boys and older men mingle in a legitimate setting? :)

We also drove under the 7 train (dodging mis-thrown basketballs and Puerto Rican-flag bearing pedestrians) on our way out to visit Tony, before fighting traffic on the way back to Manhattan.