Zaniello, Kestler, Walton

*update* - thunder storm!! i'm definitely not used to rain in the summer. bleh. I was searching around and found the old liner notes for Glenn Gould's 1956 Goldberg Variations record, which you might find interesting, if you're into those types of things. :) I'm currently having fun learning about how C# consumes COM objects, which is fairly well documented up to a certain point. Unfortunately, that point is fairly remedial, so it's been an interesting process. It's even more interesting because the last time I used COM was while doing OLE stuff at Trilogy in 1996. :) Oh man. This IT guy in the room I'm working in is reading Windows NT dialog box messages with an affected, Hispanic gangsta' inflection. This, combined with every other word being "f*ckin' " -- New York style, which sounds more like "fockin' " -- is driving me insane. The amount of swearing is inversely proportional to how far boss-man is. I've never really heard pseudo tech-talk spoken this way before. Save me.

There are some photos below of Justin Kestler and Ben Zaniello (an old friend from freshman year at Stanford, whom I haven't seen in years), but first, check out A buddy of mine just put up the site a week ago. Here's some associated text:

him: I started a new project at and wonder what the legal ramifications are about profiting off off a celebrity.
me: hmmmm
me: well, when I had bbhell up...
me: they forced me to take it down because of trademark infringement.
me: but that was only because I had the words, "Beanie Baby" in the domain name.
him: yeah this guy's name isn't trademarked, but I don't know if you can put someone's name on a shirt.... but it is an opinion.
me: maybe you'll get sued by photoshop for stealing their blank background.
him: oohhh good one.
me: you shoudl sell them in parking lots at games!
him: totally. when i wore the shirt to the kings game on Sunday people were effin lovin it. It was sweet and then I tried to get Walton to sign it but his handlers shooed be away.
me: that was a real story??
him: yeah. it was great. i was standing behind him about 10ft. and he was facing the cameras..... all the NBC cameramen, and production assistants were cracking up. One of them even started bowing to me. Classic. Unfortunately I didn't get on TV.
him: yeah, the popularity of it at the game made me register the domain that night.
me: enterprising young man.
me: i'll link to you, even though I have no idea why he is annoying.
him: something like that.... really i just hate that dude. you have to watch the game tonight and listen to the stupid shit he says.
him: i think somebody posted it on so i'm getting a bunch of hits.... i think once it moves to which is the free version of it ... it will just skyrocket.
me: it will spread.
me: start a forward!
me: it'll hit everyone with email in like 2 days.