Monterey, Coolpix IR, Computer Acoustics

Amabelle When I stepped off of the airplane in San Francisco at 8:30pm on Friday evening, I was greeted by an expanse of midnight blue the likes of which my New York alleyway has never seen. I couldn't have been happier. :) The next morning I was sitting on a patio in Monterey, eating a pulled-pork sandwich and sipping strawberry lemonade with Amabelle. Of course, now, I'm back in New York, but hopefully those images will keep me going for the next few weeks. :)

I managed to get ahold of a modified Nikon Coolpix 990 that has the hot mirror filter removed from a very generous guy named Gary (who did the modification for me). I'll be posting more information about this in the next couple of weeks, so please don't email me about contact information yet. :) I'm waiting for some parts so I can use my old filters with it, but for now, here are a couple of snapshots demonstrating what it can do. Unfortunately, they were taken with an #88A filter, which still lets in some red light :(, but one of the photos was taken out of a taxi on the highway, so you can see that the shutter speeds are much more usable than what other digicams are capable of.

The new jellyfish exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium is pretty neat. It's themed, "Jellies: Living Art," and tries to tie jellyfish forms with art that may or may not really have been inspired by jellyfish. To be honest, I just wanted to see the jellyfish, and thought that some of art served only to take up space. If I wanted to see Kandinsky, I'd go to a museum.