Stanford Graduation

Wacky Walk Chaos I tried to go to sleep, but I can't. I've been in a vaguely zombie-like state for a long time now. Here are some photos from Stanford Graduation last weekend (below). I shot two rolls of film with my EOS 3, but they have been donated to Dan and Amie, so they are unavailable for scanning and posting. I love that camera, and wish the digital "version" didn't cost $5500. :) Ah well. But I did bring a Canon G2 to take a few snapshots with. My other big camera stayed in New York, saving me from doing bag-stuffing and luggage-shuffling with expensive electronics.

Everyone should congratulate Dan for graduating! We were all over at one of Amie's relatives' house, celebrating. I miss my friends. :(

Condoleeza Rice's speech was suitable for the event, but most of the speeches I heard (at the big graduation and the History graduation) were unremarkable. In typical fashion, half-assed Stanford protestors walked around the stadium with understated signs, protesting "Condi's Rogue State." Dan said the Secret Service were not so happy with students throwing things from the stadium floor when Condi was up on stage. What did they expect? This is Stanford. Graduation is chaos. :)