Reuters, IR, Capital Punishment

"Dollar Slammed by Trade Data." "Nasdaq swoons into afternoon." "MGM stock mauled after warning."

Reuters headlines are ridiculous! The sheer quantity of daily, thesaurus-assisted headlines like those above boggles the mind, and the feed manages even to spruce up titles when nothing is really happening.

I finally have a full set of IR filters for testing with the modified Coolpix 990. Now, if I could just find some greenery in this city to photograph, without having to go all the way up to the park... :)

Harrison & Harrison #88a filter

Tiffen #87 glass filter, indoors with camera flash (!)

The AP feed has a story today called "Court Disallows Executing Retarded." An excerpt:

In the future, the ruling will mean that people arrested for a killing will not face a potential death sentence if they can show they are retarded, generally defined as having an IQ of 70 or lower.

Isn't it strange -- capital punishment opinions aside -- for something like this to happen, given that the line between mentally retarded and "normal" isn't a fine one? It seems to me like it will only cause more bloating of the legal system as death row inmates appeal on the grounds that they are retarded.