Kenny, Heat

Kenny is still alive! Here's a snippet from his online journal:

I have five nights of internship left.

I am on call for four of those nights.

My record for longest work day has been extended to 86 hours. Recent legislation passed by the AMA now restricts resident work weeks to eighty hours per week. Does that mean I don't have to come in for the rest of the week?

Insane. An 86 hour work day. It was really frickin' hot today, and it's like a sauna out in the living room. The street smells get even more exciting in the heat and humidity. Man. I guess people who have lived here their entire lives just get use to the smell of refuse and eventually stop complaining about it. I remember walking home every day from junior high school along a row of acacia trees. It's sort of like that here, except that the things I walk past are a little different now. :)

2:30PM, The Next Day: I've resorted to listening to old recordings of us playing to satiate my need for familiar classical music. However, my machine at work plays mp3s both faster and higher pitched than they were in reality. This, as you can imagine, can drive a person insane.