Boston, Angie, abhi

Boston fireworks July 5, 2002 - I decided at the last minute to head out to Boston for July 4th to hang out with Angie, which was especially exciting because I got to sleep in an un-airconditioned space in record heat. :) Both New York and Boston have been nasty for the past few days (but today, it wasn't as bad). On the 4th we went to New England Aquarium before going to Beacon Hill to meet up with some of John's friends, who had just moved into a nice place with a beautiful roof-top view of the river. It seemed that every roof-top was packed by fireworks watchers. I had expected an older crowd, but our roof-top scene ended up being reminiscent of a frat party, which was a nice treat (heh). The fireworks were the best I have ever seen -- Boston does it right. :) My favorite was one that exploded into multiple strings of suspended, glowing, red lights that floated in the air for almost a minute, defying gravity. They sort of looked like strings of Chinese lanterns.

Just before dinner, we surprised abhi on his doorstep (he had stepped out to get some ice). The last time I stepped foot into his place, he was about to take a sledgehammer to the wall (and ceiling). Now, it is tastefully decorated with 100% abhi-made furniture, which was as nice as any furniture I've seen for sale. I stopped by again after the fireworks to have a drink on the roof, and arrived "home" to Angie's at 3am to get some sleep before my train back to New York at 9:15am. I'm sitting at gate C31 in Chicago now, waiting for a flight to San Diego.

One of these days (or weeks), I hope to sit at home and do nothing but sleep.