Manson/Moore Wedding

My old buddy Andy was happily married on Friday. I've posted some photographs of the reception, which was held just a block away from where I grew up in Del Mar. See the photos!

It was worth every bit of the cross-country schlep to attend Andy's wedding reception. Andy and Carrie both kept expressing their gratitude for my presence, but I don't think I would have missed seeing them so happy together for anything. Catching up with some of the guys I grew up with was also really great; they're a very loyal group. I sometimes think about what it is that makes them different than some other friends I grew up with, who (along with me) took off to the ends of the earth pursuing whatever it was that drove them (us). Whatever it is, I'm glad I have both sides to lean on, although I wish I could round everyone up and force them to live in the same place. :)