Subway Hell

It was deathly hot and swampy in the subway last night. I stood around waiting for the E train at 23rd and 8th last night, when it became clear that no uptown trains were stopping there. And so, I boarded a downtown A to 14th, in the hopes that uptown boarding hadn't been suspended there... but an uptown E train was stopped on the tracks, and NYPD and NYFD were everywhere. They carried a body on a stretcher up the stairs (I heard rumors that a kid had jumped on to the tracks, but I'm not really sure what happened), and uptown service was suspended until further notice.

Anyway, so it took me some time (almost two hours!) to get home. Is it bad that the suicide/injury didn't affect me, and all I was thinking about was how sticky I was, and about how I was going to get home? I just expect bad things to happen in New York, I guess.

Before the subway fiasco, I had dinner with Wendy, Justin, and Jesse before going to Spark Notes HQ to photograph Justin for People Magazine. They wanted a "zany" photograph. "Zany" seems like it is only used to describe something by people who can't relate to what they are trying to describe.

I had a strange dream last night. I dreamt that I was playing scales on a piano, and I couldn't hear the highest octave or so! I've been concerned about my ears; the last day on the boat, my ears plugged up from too much diving, and then I proceeded to sit with my head 2 feet away from a loud 2-stroke flying boat engine. Permanent damage, I'm sure. :(