Why is it that it costs $12 to subscribe to Harper's Magazine if you mail in the little insert found in the magazine, $14 to subscribe from their official web site, and $10.99 to subscribe via another web vendor? I subscribed for $14, online. They owe me $2! :)

After dinner with Victor and his Wall St. Journal friend Elizabeth (Victor's friend, Erika, was also working at the restaurant. She's an actress.), we walked her to her subway entrance and said our goodbyes. ("her" = Elizabeth. I'm too lazy to re-word the sentence to make it unambiguous. :)

I have bad Subway karma.

Two ambulances, three fire trucks, and some other emergency vehicles pulled up, sirens wailing. Someone had been electrocuted on the third rail, and was sprawled out across the tracks (according to a witness we talked to on the street). Apparently, it was "all smokey" in the station; I shudder thinking about what may have caused the lingering smoke.

And then, Victor and I went to see Austin Powers and laughed our asses off. A city of extremes, New York is.

While waiting for E train back to Queens, I noticed that the "Blue Crush" chick has a blue eye and a brown eye, and her brown eye has a bit of green in it -- just like Gabe!