Two nights ago, we were sitting around the living room watching a movie, when two brown-outs hit. My computer was not happy. After that, the power in half of the apartment fuzzed out, which we traced to a shorted fuse (!). I have never seen a fuse box in a residence before! I thought only cars and exotic electronic appliances had fuses. So, we couldn't just flip a circuit back on. In fact, we couldn't do much, because we discovered that we were out of 20-amp fuses. We ended up pulling one out of socket eight and moved it to socket one (praying that socket eight wasn't vital). This morning, the power was out again. Yippee! Fun with black-outs. There's nothing like a blinking "5:33 AM" to spice up your day.

Adam Tow sent me a photo of himself and Rae wearing some of my scuba gear, which I shipped to his place from Florida a couple of weeks ago to avoid carting it to New York and back. It's HILARIOUS. They put the mask on up above their noses ("Rae and I tried out your diving googles and hat yesterday" -Adam)! HAHAHAHA! I thought it was funny. :)

You can see them here at his site. He also has photos up from trying to go see Vienna sing (it was sold out!! she's going big time. :). Hmmm. He is a little strange, that boy.