Wrapping up

I just returned from providing UPS another opportunity to destroy my computer. It is really, really difficult to move large boxes in this city! Basically, I paid a nice man $30 to drive me to and from the Staples in Forest Hill with a huge box hanging out of the trunk. The woman at the entrance looked at me like I was crazy.

I was supposed to be back in San Francisco yesterday, but I have a few things to wrap up before I leave, so I'm still here. I'm finding that I am starting to really like this city, though. I should make sure to get out here for frequent visits. :)

A storm is approaching. More thunder and lightning! Hopefully, no one will die this time; Graham tells me that someone was killed by lightning in the West Village last Friday!

I wish I was going to have a bit of a break upon being reunited with the West Coast. It looks like that isn't going to happen. :(