Working, at Peter's place Just walked in the door after working all afternoon and evening. I feel like I'm in college again: fun projects, working with my same coding partner, with no set hours. Err... except that our dorm rooms are a *little* nicer these days. :) We used to tag-team code at Sweet Hall. I would sleep -- head down on the keyboard of a Sun workstation -- until woken up for my shift. hehehe.

Someone came to my place this morning to claim my big television. It took four of us about an hour to ge the thing downstairs, and it *barely* fit into the UHAUL van. Scary! If it hadn't fit, we would have been very upset. It would have been horrible!

Kenny called yesterday. I looked down at my ringing phone and proclaimed loudly, "Oh, my god!" I really didn't expect to see "Kenny Liu" pop up on caller-id. He's been MIA for months now (with the exception of a post or two on his web journal). Sophie was nice and didn't make me feel awkward for taking advantage of the situation to talk to him for a few minutes.

Oh. I got to play with a very cute puppy this morning. VERY cute. :)