abhi, Alberto, Pine

8mm circular fish-eye lens (cropped by the D60's sensor) abhi wrote me an e-mail this morning, telling me he'd be in town for the day. It's really wonderful to have a friend drop in for 12 hours -- a nice, unexpected surprise. :) While he (and peter, jeremy, and karine) were here, we discovered a disturbing bug in Pine. If you are reading an RTF e-mail with a url that spans longer than one line (and therefore is wrapped), the character preceeding the wrapping will often be cut off from view. This means that if you cut & paste the two-line url, you will lose a character. Stupid pine! Click here for an image of the bug -- the missing character is "3".

Alberto Parrini just moved here, so I took him to Japan-town for dinner.

I'm tired now. G'night! Oh yes. I'm featured in the first issue of a new magazine that comes out in a few days. I can't wait to see it. :)