14:50 - I'm sitting at the Denver airport now; a combination of my own stupidity and an airline screw-up has left me in Denver for an 8 hour lay-over. Hmmm. Someone just walked by with a camo- backpack and a case shaped like a bow. He also has two hard cases, presumably with arrows in them. United Airlines overbooked the flight to Steamboat Springs, and then let the woman who had volunteered to give up her ticket onto the airplane instead of giving me the ticket. Mandy had already left their place to pick me up from the airport, too. :( Oh well. At least I got a an apology and a free ticket out of it. I also get to hang out with Rod for longer than just lunch, which will be nice. He's on his way back here right now to pick me up. :)

19:25 - Take two! On my way now. Rod and My took me on a micro-tour of Denver, and we indulged in ice cream and Pho afterwards. :)