SLSQ - Home Concert

The St. Lawrence String Quartet is amazing. Geoff, Barry, Lesley and Alberto (their new cellist!) came over tonight to play an informal recital. They kept thanking me for the opportunity, which left me highly confused. We are the ones who are deeply indebted to them for the opportunity to hear them in such an intimate gathering. Duh! :) They played Tchaikovsky 1 and Bartok 3 -- brilliantly, of course. Alberto kicked some serious ass.

I managed to shoe-horn forty or so people into my place (a new record, I believe), and it was a great mix of people: software folk, string players, opera singers, a student or two, lawyers, and people in all sorts of other professions.

Lots of music folk were present: St. Lawrence String Quartet (obviously), Livia Sohn, Dawn Upshaw, Paul Groves, Jay Hunter Morris, Stephen Prutsman, Vienna Teng... and probably some others I just didn't know about. There were a few people I didn't get to meet (Elliot: there were quite a few faces I didn't recognize. Me: yeah! me too. :)

Almost everybody cleared out shortly after the concert was over. They missed out. :) Paul started singing the theme song to the old TV show, "Taxi," (which none of us could recognize, for some reason), after which he sat down at the piano to sing some pop songs from the 80s. I'm so pop-culture ignorant that I don't even remember whom he was impersonating, even though I recognized it while he was singing. And, a bonus: they had been drinking a bit, so no one noticed that the video camera was still on.

Finally, you can check out an animated .gif of the evening -- a snapshot taken every fifteen minutes or so. (I turned on my webcam tonight. Wonder if anyone was watching...?)