Golden Light

Mom and Wendy, Marin Headlands On Saturday at 12:46pm, the most perfect golden light shined down from above, diffused by a cloud as it receded into nothingness. I have not seen such glorious, diffused warmth in all my years living in California. Thirty seconds later, it was gone. It dawned upon me that you really must be in the right place at the right time to see something like that and to capture an image that effectively conveys what it was that was so special (which I failed to do). And all this time, I was snapping away, thinking that I could convert everything into something interesting just because I have Adobe Photoshop.

I just chatted over IM with a woman who goes by the alias, "_BloodReaver_." Her original e-mail was from "Natalya Tatiana-Rayne Annica Dragomir-Dragunov." Her IM text is bold red, and her alias has little bats next to them. Her .sig is a quote from Eric Draven. She writes: 'I search for Cemetary pictures, and it brought up your website. I am fascinated by them." Some interesting people out there. :)