Munira, Geoff, Livia

"I'm going to start dressing up before I come over to your house." - Munira Rahemtulla (because I take a picture of her every time she shows up)

Munira is in town for just a few more days before starting her trek back to Tajikistan. I wish she had time to show me some of the thousands of photos she has taken in the last half year. It certainly sounds like it has been an amazing experience so far.

Geoff, Livia and Paul came over tonight to watch the game and to cook dinner:

Livia: Do you have any wine? Me: Um... yes... Livia (in the background): Oh yeah, we forgot to tell him. Livia (to me): We're coming over to cook dinner. Is that ok?

It's great to have friends like that. :)

Munira and me

Geoff and Livia, cooking

Paul Groves watches from above