Bill's Wedding

I've been scanning old photos for hours. At this rate, it will take me years before I finish! I've gotten through all of my parents' childhood photos from Taiwan, my own early life in Wisconsin, and am now up to 1978. I'm seeing the first photos from San Diego.

Mom and Me, in 1978

Bill's wedding was really nice. Clay stood up to give a toast, and at the end, asked all the "Rancho Boys" to come up to the front. All of the people who didn't grow up with us were confused until he clarified that he was asking for all of Bill's classmates from "Rancho Santa Fe Elementary." It was amazing, and touching, to see every single one of Bill's friends in attendance walk up to the stage. I hope someone took a photo of us. Obviously, I was unable to, since I was up there as well. :) I'll be putting a bunch of photos up after I return to the Bay Area.

Livia just told me a story about going to the Giants game with Jay the other day. Jay got up to "get a hot dog," and shortly after, was on the field, singing "God Bless America." I wish I could have been there to fulfill my photographic duties! Livia was in too much shock to take a photo for him, even though he had hinted at it just before.