Bill's Wedding Photos

Bridesmaids + Man Photos from Bill's wedding are up! The best way to view them is to go through the entire slideshow (click). Or, you can click on a thumbnail below to see a specific photo.

I think what I will remember the most (besides Bill's HUGE SMILE the entire time) was the strange juxtaposition of toasts from the two sides:

- Bill's side: I remember going over to Bill's house and having BB gun wars... and the huge party we threw when Bill's parents were out of town. - Carri's side: I love you guys so much! - Bill's side: Yeah... so those BB gun wars... - Carri's side: Love, love, love!

... and so on. It was very funny. :) More notables:

- Matt Reade's scary story about the bachelor party - Kit's new L.A. look - Derek, going off about Jeff's criminal law homework - Bergen's metamorphosis, at The Office