Random Photos

Livia, excited about something, in Jay's apartment Photos from the past few days: San Diego, Andy and Carrie's cats, Norm and Teri, Balloons, Adam Tow, SLSQ, Livia, Jay.

I hate to write this here, in fear that those people coming to see Bill's wedding photos will come across it, but I ... must. Last night we were out at a bar/restaurant until late in the evening (among us were three Austrian opera singers who were SO RUDE to the staff there. it was quite stereotypical). Anyway, afterwards, we were standing on the corner saying our goodbyes, and a man walked up and asked Paul: "You want a blowjob?" Our reaction: *blink* *blink* "uh... no thanks." The Man: "because... I'll give you one!"

I'm so glad we were there to witness that. hehehe.